Super Antojitos - Nov / Dec 21

Super Antojitos Owner Laura Rodriguez holds up menu items with her older brother, Jesse, and poses with a photo of her younger brother, Jose Luis, who passed away in 2019.  The restaurant has remained family-owned since its opening in 1985, and Laura is excited to continue her family’s legacy.

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Super Antojitos

Since 1985, Super Antojitos has introduced cities across Orange County to authentic Mexican food.  After opening more than 14 locations, most recently in Santa Ana, the team is ready to settle down their family-owned business in Old Towne Orange, consolidating to one location.

The new Orange location, which sits in the building that previously hosted Mead’s Green Door Cafe, has been Owner Laura Rodriguez’s dream for a while.  “I absolutely just fell in love with the city of Orange,” she says.  “We love the diversity here.”

Laura’s parents, Guillermina and Jose Luis Rodriguez, opened Super Antojitos more than 30 years ago after emigrating from Mexico.  After 10 years in the Santa Ana location, they were ready to pass over the reins.

Laura’s younger brother, Jose Luis Rodriguez, Jr., dreamed of magnifying the family legacy by taking Super Antojitos to a city like Orange, but passed away in 2019.  After his death, Laura stepped up even more to continue operating the family business.

“My little brother contributed so much to Super Antojitos and improved our recipes and customer relationships,” she says.  “I loved his passion and vision for our business.  He’s my inspiration to move to the beautiful city of Orange and continue to evolve the concept of what we are all about.”

Now, Laura is starting her own tradition with new menu items, events and drinks.  She’s putting Super Antojitos on the map with a housemade mole, a Mexican curry that she’s adapted to feature both sweet and spicy flavors.

“I take a lot of pride in our mole because it’s 100 percent made from scratch and brings the best of both worlds to your palate,” she says.  “We’re keeping the roots of our original recipe the same, but we’re improving and catering to this new generation.”

Super Antojitos serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and has an extensive menu.  The eatery offers a blend of traditional and modern Mexican cuisine, with dishes like wet burritos, enchiladas and fajitas, as well as menudo, a traditional soup that takes hours to cook, and pozole, a brothy, meat-filled stew.

“We serve breakfast all day, every day, or you can get a slower pace dinner while catching a game,” says Jesse Rodriguez, Laura’s older brother and a Super Antojitos employee since 1985.  “We’re looking forward to seeing old customers and meeting new ones so we can serve our authentic Mexican food every day.  It’s not just a job when you love what you do.”

Laura also plans to host wine sampler nights and introduce customers to Mexican wine.  The wine nights will include professional tastings with their sommelier, paired with five small dishes to bring out the flavors.

“I love the culture and history behind wine, and I keep finding great wines that Mexico has to offer,” says Laura.  “I want Orange to experience how wine pairings bring our authentic dishes to life even more.” 

Super Antojitos
644 West Chapman Ave, Orange CA 92866  /  714-905-5300

Published in the Nov / Dec 21 edition of the Old Towne Orange Plaza Review

Article Written by Yuki Klotz Burwell, Photo by Kristin Smetona

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