Carol & Yesi Castillo
Carol & Yesi Castillo

Sisters and Country Roads employees Carol (right) and Yesi Castillo find joy in all things creative, which is fitting for their antiques duties.  Carol loves  to decorate, Yesi enjoys baking, and they both have a passion for painting during their downtime.

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Carol and Yesi Castillo, Country Roads Antiques & Gardens

Sisters Carol and Yesi Castillo are now well-known fixtures at Country Roads Antiques & Gardens.  They started serving customers when they were just kids. Carol originally worked part-time as a teenager, eventually bringing Yesi, just 10 at the time, along for the ride to work in the garden.

The sisters were born and raised in Orange just blocks from the Plaza.  Although they were surrounded by antique malls and vintage collections, it wasn’t until they had put in a few years at Country Roads before their passion for antiques truly kicked off.

“When I first started, I didn’t know anything about antiques, but they grew on me, and I love them,” says Carol.  “Now, our houses are full of antique items.”

Aside from being surrounded by vintage items, one of their favorite aspects of Country Roads is helping customers discover the perfect pieces.  “I love the happiness it brings people to buy something at our store,” says Carol.  “It makes it fun that people appreciate what they’re buying.  I love making people happy.”

Working at Country Roads has provided Yesi with a lifelong learning experience, and she shares that knowledge with customers.  She feels that every piece has a history and finds joy in learning and sharing that history.

“Carol and I pride ourselves on being nice to our customers, because it truly makes a world of difference,” she says.  “I love helping customers and listening to their stories.  We feel honored that they feel comfortable enough to share with us.”

The shop was established in 1993 by the late Sue Jackson.  Carol and Yesi say she was their inspiration for devoting themselves to Country Roads.  Now, their goal is to keep running the store as part of her legacy.

“We’re missing a big part of the store now that Sue is gone, but she left many memories, and her legacy remains,” says Yesi.  “It still brings a smile to our faces to walk through the store, knowing this is what Sue created.”

Sue’s children are the official owners of the store, but daughter Katie says that Carol and Yesi are vital to Country Roads and are part of the family.  “Carol and Yesi are invaluable,” she says.  “They’re so hardworking and caring.  I couldn’t do the store without them.”

The sisters learned everything about antiques from working at Country Roads, and they’ve also taken away some life lessons that have changed them.  “I’ve learned how to decorate and how to treat people,” says Carol.  “There’s so much knowledge that I have taken with me, and there’s still so much to learn.”

Carol and Yesi continue to expand the Country Roads family by bringing their own children into the store, just like how they started as kids.  “We want to keep Sue’s store going and see all the love and dedication that people give to the store,” says Carol. “Country Roads is where our hearts are.”

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Article Published in the
Mar Apr 21 edition of the Old Towne Orange Plaza Review
Photo by Jeanine Hill
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