EagleWing Crossfit - Nov / Dec 15

EagleWing CrossFit

It’s the perfect fit for CrossFit, says Alisha and Bill Halczyn about the historic Old Packing House in Old Towne, where they opened EagleWing CrossFit gym last June.

Located near the railroad tracks, the rustic, 1920s-era building has found a new life now that the couple has transformed “Unit B” into a popular destination for health and fitness.

“The building had been boarded up for so long and there was a lot of graffiti damage,” says Alisha.  “With the help of [Realtor] Al Ricci, we stripped the paint off the original brick walls and redid the floors.  The natural brick is gorgeous.  People who come in for the first time can’t believe how awesome it is.”

Bill and Alisha are both Certified Level 1 coaches of CrossFit, a strength-and-conditioning program embraced by police academies, martial artists, elite athletes and military personnel.  It’s not a coincidence that Alisha herself is a veteran police officer with the Anaheim PD.  Currently on family leave after giving birth to twin daughters, Alisha had dreamed of someday opening a CrossFit gym with Bill.  The dream quickly became a reality.

“When Alisha got pregnant, we fast-forwarded our plan and began looking in earnest for a location,” says Bill, who works in strategic planning for The Boeing Company.  “We realized there was a great niche right here in Orange.”

Open to all regardless of age or ability, EagleWing CrossFit offers early-morning classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:30 am, as well as night classes at 5, 6 and 7 pm, Monday through Thursday.  Friday classes take place at 5 and 6 pm, while 9 am classes are available on Saturday and Sunday.

“We have members at all fitness levels, from advanced athletes to absolute beginners,” says Alisha, who notes that she and her husband are also certified in Olympic lifting and mobility.  “Everyone receives personalized assistance and coaching in a class setting.  Our slogan is that we coach 24/7 through the warm-up to the warm-down and everything in between.  Our Tuesday and Thursday class at 6 pm focuses on power with Matt Ostiz, who is our StrongFit powerlifting coach.  Our members have access to a dietician, as well.”

While most gyms are located in generic industrial parks, the couple had imagined a place with more character.  After learning about the Packing House from their realtor friends, they approached Al Ricci about leasing a space, and he had no hesitation.

“He saw our vision,” says Alisha.  “It hadn’t been used for anything since the ’90s when it was a food bank.  It’s great to bring energy and excitement to this old building.”

EagleWing CrossFit
426 West Almond Ave, Orange CA 92866  /   909-227-8887 

Published in the Nov / Dec 15 edition of the Old Towne Orange Plaza Review

Article Written by Karen Anderson, Photo by Mike Escobedo

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