Steve Molina's Collectibles
Steve Molina's Collectibles

Steve Molina and his fiancé, Gretchen Davey, pose inside of their booth at Orange Circle Antique Mall.  When they aren’t traveling in search of new pieces, the pair love watching old movies, cementing their devotion to all things vintage.

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Steve Molina’s Collectibles

When antique store booth owner Steve Molina of Steve Molina’s Collectibles sold an art easel on eBay in 2010, he never imagined that it would spiral into a full-time shop less than a decade later.

After he made his first sale, Molina realized he had the drive to start selling antique and thrift items as a side hobby.  He was working in special events at Disneyland, and soon teamed up with a coworker to learn everything he could about the trade.

“We started doing storage auctions together, and then it snowballed from there,” says Molina.  “I developed an appreciation for the antique realm, and it’s blossomed since then.”

Now, Molina offers antique items, wartime memorabilia, vintage clothing and more at his store inside the Orange Circle Antique Mall.  He set up shop in 2013 and has stayed committed to bringing relics to the community.

“The store is a sentimental spot for me because of the people I’ve met and the relationships I have in the Plaza,” he says.  “Orange is home to me.”

In 2019, Molina met his fiancée, Gretchen Davey, another Disneyland employee.  The pair hit it off quickly and realized that they were both passionate about the antiques industry, so they made the jump to full-time antiquers.

“There’s never a dull moment in this job,” says Molina.  “It’s all about making your work fun, and it’s easy to do that here.”

While some career paths have an obvious divide between work and play, Molina and Davey say their job feels like their main hobby.  “We love to travel, but even when we go on vacation, we end up finding somewhere to shop for antiques,” says Molina.  “The job just goes hand in hand with what we like to do.”

The pair end up traveling for work intentionally, too.  The antique scene within Southern California is rich with opportunities, and Molina and Davey try to take advantage of the space they have.  “I really like the freedom we have to just get up and drive somewhere, especially if we have a lead on an item,” says Davey.

Like any business owner, Molina has had ups and downs. Whenever he feels uninspired, he reminds himself why he does the work he loves.  “Even when I want to call it quits, I remember how fun this job is and how we have something unique to offer everyone,” he says.  “I encourage people to come in and just feel the nostalgia everywhere.”

Steve Molina’s Collectibles, Orange Circle Antique Mall
118 South Glassell St., Old Towne Orange, CA 92866  /   714-538-8160

Article Published in the
edition of the Old Towne Orange Plaza Review
Written by Yuki Klotz-Burwell Photo by Kristin Smetona
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