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Mailing Pros

At Mailing Pros, Inc., you can be assured that they’ll always get the mail out. Pictured here are the company’s dedicated staff members. (From left) find Laura West, Tyler Root, Allan Salao, Ilda Esquivel, Sean Haile, Kimberly Wolf, Gloria Malaca, Lupe Flores, Matt Warmuzek, Christopher West and Pedro Flores.

Mailing Pros, Inc.

Email may have gained ground in recent years, but visit Mailing Pros, Inc. on any given day, and you’ll soon be assured that receiving physical mail is alive and well. Each month, the full-service mail house sends out between 1.5 to 2 million pieces. During election seasons, those numbers skyrocket. For instance, from September to November 2016, 15 million pieces left the Huntington Beach facility.

“At Mail Pros, we’re very mission oriented,” says Christopher West, the company’s founder and owner, who started the 12-employee business that includes his wife, Laura, nearly 18 years ago after a 25-year career in law enforcement. “One of our main claims to fame is that we get the mail out no matter what,” he says.

Mailing Pros mails out a wide variety of mail, including political campaign notices, newsletters, catalogues, real estate agent mail and nonprofit mailers. They also do a lot of work for printers. Deliveries are also common for the company. West notes they’ll soon be retiring one of their vehicles with 500,000 miles on it.

At Mailing Pros, they do whatever is necessary to determine the most economical and effective mailing approach for each client. To do this, they stay up-to-date on postal regulations.

“The U.S. Post Office, which is the gold standard all over the world for mail delivery, has no sense of humor when it comes to non-compliance,” says West. “We’re careful to ensure that each mailer’s design is compliant, and we’ve never had a piece of mail rejected at the post office.”

Pedro Flores is Operations Officer of Mailing Pros and the future owner of the company when West steps down in 2018. Flores keeps up with the dizzying array of continually changing postal regulations and is a recognized expert on mailing regulations.

“Mailing Pros has acquired a number of certifications over the years, including a full service certification,” notes Flores. “We’re really proud of that designation. Being full service certified means that we adhere to the highest level of quality service, according to the U.S. Post Office. For the past two years, we’ve also had Seamless Acceptance certification. This gives us the ability to bypass the Post Office when doing drop shipments. That provides a fast turnaround for our clients. Everything we do is aimed at providing our customers with top-quality service.”

Mailing Pros, Inc.
5261 Business Dr. Huntington Beach CA 92649  /  714-892-7251

Article Published in the
Nov / Dec 17 edition of the Old Towne Orange Plaza Review
Written by Julie Bawden-Davis Photo by Jeanine Hill
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