Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders
Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders

International coffee importer Steve Sims has recently opened a barista café in Orange across from Home Depot on West Katella. The café fronts his new warehouse and headquarters of Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders, previously located in Placentia.

Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders

He previously worked in real estate and then owned a surf, skate and snow store in Corona. Now he’s one of the top importers of premium coffee in Southern California, sourcing the highest grades of raw coffee from boutique farms and specialty producers worldwide.

Owner and founder of Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders, Steve Sims has recently relocated from Placentia to Orange. The 13,000-square-foot building more than doubles the size of his previous warehouse and also allows for the addition of a newly opened retail café where Steve roasts, serves and sells coffee, as well as sells roasting equipment to consumers and coffee hobbyists.

“I have strictly been an importer since 2009 and have always roasted coffee on the side,” says Steve. “When I found this great location, it spurred the idea of having all of my operations in one place, including opening a barista café.”

Featuring grab-and-go sandwiches and pastries delivered fresh daily, the café offers specialty coffee drinks, tea, blended beverages and smoothies. The most popular item on the menu is the nitro-infused cold brew coffee served right out of the keg.

“It has a creamy feel and almost looks like a Guinness Stout,” he says. “Everybody loves it.”

Showcasing a live roasting machine at the front where customers can witness the roasting process, the shop sells all of the equipment one would need to get started as a home roaster, including items like scales, bags and raw coffee portioned in 5- and 20-pound quantities.

“There is nobody around selling raw coffee like we do,” Steve says. “We buy it ready for roasting from the mills. Larger importers won’t divide the big full bags of coffee, but we do, and now we have a steady following of home roasters locally and online.”

Steve notes that high-end specialty coffee is graded like wine. To be considered among the best, it must earn 80 points or above. Bodhi Leaf’s offerings are graded at 86 and above, the highest realm for premium coffee.

Importing from Colombia, Brazil, Indonesia, Africa and more, Steve sells his coffee throughout the U.S. and in Canada, Taiwan and Dubai.

“We direct trade with coffee farmers while developing relationships and paying them above the going rate for their premium products,” he says. “This is farm-to-cup coffee from small family farms.”

Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders
428 West Katella Ave, Orange CA 92867  /  714-633-2326

Article Published in the
Sep/Oct 15 edition of the Old Towne Orange Plaza Review
Written by Karen Anderson Photo by Jeanine Hill
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