Full Circle Meaningful Marketplace
Full Circle Meaningful Marketplace

Holiday Zimmerman (front), who manages Full Circle Meaningful Marketplace, stands with team members (from left) Heidi Dillard, Tammy McMullen, Tricia McKee, Joy Ellis, Lisa Stoughton and Sophia Lee. The shop is stocked with new and used items, as well as original pieces. Zimmerman invites budding artists and young entrepreneurs to showcase their products.

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Full Circle Meaningful Marketplace

If you’re looking for a creative and trendy way to give back this summer, stop by Full Circle Meaningful Marketplace, a cause-driven retail store with all proceeds supporting local youth. Full Circle initially opened as a pop-up shop in March, but after its overwhelming success in the community, it will stay in the Plaza location for another year.

The marketplace was created by The HUB OC, an Orange nonprofit that partnered with Friends Church to receive donations and other items. Holiday Zimmerman, who founded The HUB and manages Full Circle, is looking forward to running the store and contributing to the Orange community.

“I love empowering people to be all that they’re created to be,” she says. “We really want to see nonprofits in Orange be able to build unity and be self-sufficient.”

All proceeds from the marketplace benefit the Youth Centers of Orange, a nonprofit that provides safe after-school care, mentorship and leadership skills to children in Orange.

At Full Circle, shoppers can find new and gently used clothing, accessories, home goods and art. Zimmerman wants to promote young, local artisans just starting to sell their crafts, like entrepreneurs with handcrafted cheese boards and artists with original jewelry.

“We wanted to set up a store that empowers everyone,” says Zimmerman. “The market is holistic and organic, and a light in the city of Orange.”

As residents and longtime supporters of Orange, the Full Circle Meaningful Marketplace team is passionate about focusing their efforts on causes based in the city. Their new goal is to raise $120,000 for the Youth Centers of Orange.

“I love the fact that our profits all stay within the Orange community and help the most vulnerable,” says Tammy McMullen, Local Outreach Director for The HUB OC. “We want everyone who walks in the store to know they’re part of the Full Circle family, and every dollar they spend goes straight back to help kids in Orange.”

For those looking to get involved with Full Circle, Zimmerman recommends shopping at the store or donating gently used items. They’re also looking for volunteers to help engage with customers and other general marketplace operations.

“This is the time and season where we want to showcase people doing good,” says Zimmerman. “We want the store to be a happy, fun and empowering place.”

Full Circle Meaningful Marketplace
140 South Glassell St, Old Towne Orange CA 92866  /  909-929-1390 

Article Published in the
May / Jun 21 edition of the Old Towne Orange Plaza Review
Written by Yuki Klotz-Burwell Photo by Mike Escobedo
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