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Our recently departed friend, Phil Brigandi, found his purpose and passion for writing and preserving the stories of Orange County, establishing himself as one of Southern California’s premier historians, prior to his untimely death, while Frank & Shannon Tucker have found farm to table happiness with Terrace Hill Orchard & Vineyard, growing, harvesting and milling some of the finest extra virgin olive oil blends for all of us here in Old Towne Orange. »

During this season of giving, it’s a perfect time to meet three women who have a heart for helping others in the community—Katherine Connaghan, Executive Director at the Orange Senior Center; Sara Drenner, who leads a foundation started by her father and one of his friends; and Lynette Page, Business Developer for Human Services at Goodwill of Orange County. Here are their stories. »

The New Year is here, and so are a variety of new businesses to add some change to your Orange routine. Challenge yourself to a full meal at the all-you-can-eat style restaurant Heemo Sushi, then start your New Year’s resolutions off right with an annual teeth cleaning at Smiles of Orange. Finish off with a healthy treat at Smootheory. »

As autumn settles into Orange, and summer comes to a close, the new businesses featured here are popping up and providing new opportunities for the season and beyond. Get a workout in with Anchored Performance, explore vintage collectable at Golden Bear Antiques and Curiosities, and find your new favorite beer at Gunwhale Ales. »

William Houchin (center) has added a second location to complement his venerable Watch & Wares Estate Jewelry shop on South Glassell in Old Towne. »

The Old Towne Orange district is known for its one-of-a-kind historic homes. Nobody knows that better than the people in the real estate businesses featured here—Caliber Real Estate Group, Garcia-Kincaid Family Team and Orange Realty. Helping someone find their dream home is never easy, but through personalized consultations, one-on-one solutions and constant dedication, these Realtors work hard to turn a house into a client’s home. »

Banding together with the Wimberley Bluegrass Band, who perform every second Saturday at the Orange Home Grown Farmers Market, and many other key community events. »

With more than 20 instructors, The Dragonfly Studios provides a creative setting for learning something new as well as creating memories with your friends and family. »

Many artists have focused on World War II aircraft carrying out battles, dogfights and bombing runs, but artist Stan Vosburg chooses to put his spotlight on the impact of these aircraft on the local community. Specifically, his hometown: Orange. »

Most of Orange’s historic downtown buildings have been remodeled at least once or twice over the years—some more than others. But this one actually grew, and will soon house Urth Caffé. »

While Old Towne residents enjoy socializing at a variety of restaurants and shops, they can be assured of this: they’ll be kept safe by the hardworking individuals who make up the Orange Police and Fire Departments. Though the forces are each composed of service men and women who do their best each day, three in particular stand out as outstanding examples of why Orange is a coveted place to live. Whether it be leading the Police Department, Fire Department or working hands-on with aspiring officers, Police Chief Tom Kisela, Fire Chief Jack Thomas, and Non-Sworn Employee of the Year, Officer Sandra Ruelas, offer their leadership and skills to the community every day. »

To J.P. McDermott, it’s not so much a question of where he gets to play music or who he’s playing with, as long as he gets to play. McDermott focuses primarily on rockabilly music and covering songs from Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Elvis, The Beatles and more. »

View the artwork of renowned painter Marinus Welman, and it quickly becomes apparent that he and his work can't be... »

What Sheila Walstead loves about Polynesian dancing is that you can be any shape, any size, any age, any ethnicity; it just takes a heart. »

Dr. Ly Nguyen and Dr. Alex Romero recently acquired Orange Circle Optometry on East Chapman. The husband-and-wife team met in Florida at optometry school, but previously lived just 15 minutes apart from each other in Orange. »

Every Saturday, Chapman University’s Becket Building is home to the bustling Orange Home Grown Farmers & Artisans Market. The market’s eight-year success is due in part to the dedication of the founding OHG board members profiled in this article: Vicky Kisow, Nedra Kunisch and Martha Turner. It all started when Turner’s daughter, Megan Penn, returned from college wondering why Orange didn’t have a farmers market. Turner and Penn responded by gathering friends and working tirelessly for two years to launch the successful nonprofit. »

It was a one-room schoolhouse, where a single teacher taught all five grades (with the littlest kids sitting in front and the older kids behind, so everyone got to . . . »

Dr Laura Glynn Chapman University David B Moore Chapman University Dr Michael Fahy Chapman University

View recent Building Character stories about key Chapman University personnel and campus properties with which they are closely associated. »

It’s difficult, perhaps even impossible, to say “no” to ice cream or other sweet treats. The recently launched business, La Michoacána Delights, is a wonderful place to enjoy frosty desserts and other delicious snacks. If ice cream has a possible downside, it’s the calories. As luck would have it, Justine Grover has a fun way to work them off—flamenco dancing! Her studio, Naranjita Flamenco, is a great place to get your body movin’. »

Car enthusiasts have long recognized Orange as the street rod capital of the U.S. With the Orange Plaza Car Show taking place every Spring, we pay tribute to three extraordinary auto businesses in town: Curtis Speed Equipment, Selman Chevrolet and Toyota of Orange. »

The history of Chapman University and its surrounding community are saluted in colorful style, by artist Higgy Vasquez, in a new wall painting that can be seen daily on the Chapman campus. »

INSPIRED. With the holidays approaching, church leaders are gearing up for another season of giving, service and gratitude. The three church leaders featured here: Pastor Jay Hewitt of Friends Church, Reverend Tim Klinkenberg of St. John’s Lutheran Church and Father Neil Edlin of St. Mary Magdalene Anglican Catholic Church, highlight what it takes to be inspirational guides in the Old Towne community. »

The heart of a community encompasses those businesses that make lives brighter. Such is the case with the businesses profiled here. Enjoy the delicious offerings at the long-standing Old Towne restaurant, Byblos Café, and you’re sure to leave satisfied. The same goes for a relaxing visit to Skin Care by Christina. When you wish to ensure that a senior family member is safe and satisfied, just call Carefree Home Care for expert assistance. »

Prepare your culinary and creative appetite this summer, because the recently opened businesses featured here—Afters Ice Cream, Fork & Salad and The Treasury—will give you a host of new experiences. Read on to discover more about the sweet treats at Afters, the fresh food options at Fork & Salad and the artistic opportunities at The Treasury. »

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